Cor is a Network.



We connect passionate journalists with experienced camera operators and producers to form powerhouse documentary teams. The Cor Network is international and highly selective. Members pitch their story ideas to our in-house team. If approved, we edit, fact-check, and distribute the documentary. We distribute content on our platform and through media partners.


Cor is a Mission.


We believe there is an urgent need for better news. We are tired of airbrushed anchors behind a news desk, partisanship, name-calling, misinformation, click-bait, and news that focuses on the dark side of humanity. The news company of the future will be one that searches for solutions, appreciates complexity, treats its viewers intelligently, and helps society take a long-term view of the moment's most pressing issues. Our mission is to build that news company.


Cor is a Documentary Video News Company.


We are passionate about documentary video and its power to convey rich and complex stories. We produce short (3-5 minute) videos that can be easily consumed on mobile, and frequently offer multiple short videos on a given subject for those who want to explore further.



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